Center for Cardiovascular Research and Development American Heart of Poland

June 13, 2012 - American Heart of Poland Inc. (AHP) officially opened the Center for Cardiovascular Research and Development (CCRD) – the only such center of preclinical and clinical studies in Poland.

CCRD AHP is an initiative of Professor Pawel Buszman, created with the cooperation of young doctors and students and institutions promoting and developing new technologies in medicine.

CCRD AHP departments:

  • Department of Clinical Research
  • Department of Preclinical Research
  • Department of Grants and Scientific Research
  • Silesian Center for Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Funds for development of the research activities carried out in the AHP and the creation of CCRD AHP were obtained from the EU-funded Innovative Economy Operational Program for the years 2007-2013. The financing amounted to 18,156,875.00 zł (which constitutes 50% of the total eligible expenditure, i.e. 36,313,750.00 zł).

The creation of CCRD AHP was inspired by the rapid development of medical technologies, especially in the field of interventional cardiology, which require conducting preclinical and clinical trials, as well as continuous training of medical staff. Through the effort of our highly skilled staff including interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons and pathologists, working on modern infrastructure and equipment, we are able to conduct translational research of high quality, aiming at introducing new technologies into the daily clinical practice. Thus, the latest medical discoveries get a chance to be safely transferred from the laboratory research stage to the clinical treatment room, where you can save the lives of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

CCRD AHP has modern treatment and operating rooms, including one of the most unique and innovative solutions – a hybrid operating room, where procedures combining the skills of interventional cardiologists and heart surgeons are performed. The Department of Preclinical Research is located in a GLP-compliant Experimental Workshop, where studies with the use of animal models (swine, sheep, rabbit, other) are performed. The remaining infrastructure includes a an imaging laboratory equipped with magnetic resonance imaging (1.5 T) and a tissue and cell culture laboratory where we conduct research in the field of cardiac and vascular regeneration and obtaining biological materials for implants. We also have the means to perform full histopathological and immunohistochemical analyses, through collaboration with internationally renowned centers, such as Alizee Pathology (USA) and Anakat Institut für Biotechnologie (Germany).

All our research is carried out only with the approval of the Local Ethical Committee. The quality of research is guaranteed by an ISO 9001 certificate and the consent of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

CCRD AHP does not only mean the latest technology but also advanced training programs and fellowships for physicians in the field of cardiovascular diseases diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to the cooperation with the most renowned centers in Europe, USA and Asia, the physicians have the opportunity to develop in a professional, international environment.

In 2013 the Silesian Center for Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging was opened, enabling the conduct of modern diagnostic tests using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and angiography – all this in order to provide optimal veterinary care for pets.