Implementations and scientific achievements

The research team in CCRD AHP performs tests of new drugs and medical devices, as well as methods of treating cardiovascular diseases.

The research includes topical application of drugs for the treatment of arteriosclerosis and prevention of restenosis after angioplasty (widening of narrowed artery sections), modern methods of post-reperfusion damage prevention in myocardial infarction, regeneration methods of the myocardium and myocardial vessels. We develop and test novel methods of valve reparation and percutaneous heart valve implantation, new intravascular stents (also biodegradable) and innovative ways of interventional treatment of hypertension. Efforts are also made to limit the damage to the central nervous system caused by ischemia, through the application of stem cells.

During the last several years of operation, CCRD AHP achieved much success. We carried out over 18 large projects, which enabled the introduction into clinical practice, inter alia:

  • first Polish coronary stent made of stainless steel 316L "Chopin"
  • coronary stent made from a cobalt chromium alloy "KOS"
  • first Polish anti-proliferative drug-eluting stent (paclitaxel) from a biodegradable polymer surface (LUC-Chopin2)
  • "Shellak" coating applied onto the surface of stents and balloons,
  • Alex coronary stent releasing sirolimus,
  • antiproliferative drug-coated balloons.

These solutions significantly influenced the development of cardiology in Poland – not only raising the safety and comfort of patients (risk reduction of complications and repeat revascularization, shortening recovery time), but also improving the availability of modern technologies and a significant reduction in their prices. In 2006, CCRD AHP scientists received a prize awarded by the "European Working Group of Interventional Cardiology" for a study entitled "Biodegradable polymer coated, paclitaxel-eluting stents in the porcine coronary arteries". In April 2014, during an international conference on interventional cardiology in Seoul, our General Director has been awarded the prize "Best Presenter TCTAP" for the presentation of an innovative program of hybrid procedures implemented by CCRD AHP.

At any given time, we carry out around 20 clinical trials and numerous preclinical studies as well as several research projects (basic and applied research).

Currently we are carrying out a large-scale scientific project funded within the framework of STRATEGMED „Prevention practices and treatment of civilization diseases” (a program funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development). The project is carried out by a consortium: American Heart (consortium leader), Silesian Center for Heart Diseases, Balton Ltd., Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials, Silesian University of Technology, National Research Institute of Animal Production, Innovations for Heart and Vessels Ltd. A budget of almost 15 million zł will enable the consortium to develop the first Polish low-profile heart valve implanted percutaneously.